Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Stokesville has a pretty active nightlife and one of the main social hubs in town is a nightclub called 'Freedog'.

This is Plastronico's venue of choice and hosts many live shows (Gary Numan and Iggy Pop played here!) and events including 'Boomchaka' (a massive battle of the DJs).

Socialites and degenerates alike flock here (sometimes they are one and the same). Every night you can find excitement, adventure and heavy stimulants like 'JIFF' in massive quantities available here at Freedog. This club has some pretty scary bouncers including Mike* and Randy.

If you ever run into these guys, for the love of all that is decent PLEASE make sure you do not touch Mike. He defends his own personal space with a psychopathic fervor and my deepest, most heartfelt sympathies go out to anyone foolish enough to rush the stage while Mike is on duty.

Factual tidbit: The characters of DJ Zeus and Mike the bouncer are Stokesville characters created by Rodbcon. Rodney himself has stated that Mike is a conglomeration of Big Chris from 'Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels', Robert Fields (see previous post) and LTJ Bukem's scary geezer of a tour manager. Actual stokesville art by Rodney will be making its way here very soon so keep on the lookout for that.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Robert Fields

"I used to know a really cool guy named Robert Fields. He was a pagan truck driver. Well, I say 'pagan'- more specifically he was a practicing Sumerian. He was soft-spoken and calm, but I always had that feeling that things could go 'nuclear' at any moment the way you feel around unhinged people. Some of his National Guard stories were CRAZY. Anyway, he used to visit me at work and one day he strolled in with a bag of chocolate turtles from the nearby 'Mo's Nuthouse'. He told me he had a strict physical and dietary discipline, but once-and only once- a year he 'allowed' himself one small gluttonous indulgence in the form of sweets."


Thursday, November 6, 2008


Electro-pop sensation PLASTRONICO is one of Stokesville's claims to fame (others being things like the massive, reportedly bottomless hole on the outskirts of town, frequent dimensional portal activity, zombies etc.. ) The band members are:

Look for their new album, 'HELMUT'S COUCH' featuring the single 'TOUCH THE MANUSCRIPT' available now at Swizzlers CDs, Records & **** and other fine, no-smoking establishments.