Thursday, October 23, 2008


Wandering alone around Stokesville for the first time: A terribly ill-advised thing to do. One could quite easily lose one's bearings and eventually find oneself on Steadycam avenue. If this happens to you, run as far as you can away from it...unless of course it's too late and a certain someone has spotted you..

Linton Samuel Dawson- inspired by the Porcupine Tree song of the same name. No one knows where he's from or why he is even here. Some say he is a deranged god amusing himself by studying us weak-minded humans... others are convinced he is just a certifiable nutcase. When he is not accosting people who walk up and down this street, or in the middle of something called 'Rainbow Jive'...

...he can be seen doing all kinds of incredibly insane things for no good reason (is there EVER a GOOD reason to do incredibly insane things?) Keep an eye open. You just might spot him doing one of them.

So that is Linton. An enigma of the most ludicrous sort. More of him coming soon.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A welcoming Warning.

Welcome, readers. My name is Mark Lyons and this is my official blog about 'Stokesville'. That little piece of Heaven they told you about. 25 miles east of Scribblesville just below the Moosehead border. The folks who live here are just your normal everyday sort- electro-pop stars, pan-dimensional loiterers, nocturnal landscapers, creepy rednecks, goths, bigfoot, zombies, a necromancer with A.D.D. and many other average, salt-of-the-earth characters. So sign the waiver absolving me of any liability associated with any detriment that may befall you while you are here, stay a while, get to know the good people of Stokesville but I'm tellin' you now... you might want to avoid Steadycam Avenue. (*nods with a serious look*)